Flamel Technologies SA is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a long history of expertise in drug delivery. The acquisition of Éclat Pharmaceuticals LLC has created a more vertically integrated company, benefiting from greater development and commercial expertise, best in class drug delivery platforms and potential value creating catalysts.

Drug Delivery Platforms

  • Micropump®

    Modified/Controlled Release of Solid Oral Drugs

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  • LiquiTime®

    Modified/Controlled Release of Liquid Oral Drugs

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  • Trigger Lock

    Abuse-Resistant Modified/Controlled Release Narcotics/Opioid Analgesics

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  • Medusa

    Modified/Controlled Release of Injectable Drugs

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Flamel Technologies currently markets Bloxiverz and Vazculep (FDA-approved products), and develops internally products using the Unapproved Marketed Drug strategy and products based on its drug delivery platforms, and products with partners.

  • Bloxiverz website
  • Vazculep website


As a publicly-held company, Flamel Technologies strives to use its technologies to create extraordinary shareholder value.